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Favorite Eats N.1 | MG Road, Paris


MG ROAD Paris | 205 rue Saint Martin, 75003

The first time I went to MG Road in Paris was with my friends Emma and Dominika.  Emma was raving about it so we went for lunch.  Suffice it to say that since then, I’ve been 3 times in 2 months and can’t wait to go back!  The second you walk in, you feel transported…and rightfully so.  MG Road was directly inspired by the outdoor cafes in Bombay. At the end of the nineteenth century, Bombay flourished with open cafes owned by Persians immigrants.  These so-called coffee shops “Irani” were essential places in Bombay society and have become legendary.  Good fast food, ranging from all kinds of traditional dishes, served in a bistro setting where mirrors & sepia photos of families adorn the walls.

Everything is amazing, but a few of my favorite vegetarian dishes  at MG Road Paris include KAJU AUR MATAR KI SABZI (Curry with Green Peas & Cashews), PUNJABI TADKA DAL (Dal with Lentilles) and AAJ KA NAAN (Naan of the Day).  London Chef, Manoj Sharma, also of The Cinnamon Club, uses quality ingredients and fresh produce and the menu changes every 3 months in order to keep with the seasons.

Owner and designer, Stephanie de Saint Simon, unites her two passions: cooking and India. In 2005 she created Ouma Productions and designs and manufactures in India, furniture & household objects inspired by Indian handicrafts & contemporary living. She has had great success and has been featured in dozens of shops that distribute her products worldwide.

Some of my favorite pieces of Stephanie’s are the silverware, photographed below.  For a set of 6, prices range from 39 to 72 Euros, depending on the utensil.  Lamp shades, tables, and various other gems, are available for purchase at the e-shop at Ouma Productions

MG-Road_2_Yann-Deret MG-Road_5_Yann-DeretMG-Road_3_Yann-DeretMG-Road_4_Yann-Deret MG-Road_10_Yann-DeretMG-Road_6_Yann-Deret MG-Road_7_Yann-Deret  MG-Road_8_Yann-Deret MG-Road_9_Yann-Deret  MG-Road_11_Yann-Deret MG-Road_12_Yann-Deret  MG-Road_13_Yann-Deret

These beautiful photos of MG Road were taken by photographer, Yann Deret.

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  1. Absolutely stunning, can’t wait to experience this divine hidden gem.

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