Month: July 2016

Hot Pink Beetroot Hummus_9_Gold&Thyme

Hot Pink Beetroot Hummus + Sumac-Dusted Pita Chips

HOT PINK BEETROOT HUMMUS + SUMAC-DUSTED PITA CHIPS With the weather changing and turning into real Summer, I’m craving more vibrant foods and thus have been trying to add more color to my dishes.  And as hummus is one of my favorite foods, I decided to start playing around with different recipes.  Pea Hummus, Lentil […]

Chipotle Lime Cashew Sauce_1_Gold&Thyme

Chipotle Lime Cashew Sauce

CHIPOTLE LIME CASHEW SAUCE {Vegan} I arrived in California a couple of weeks ago for what I’m calling, ‘a creative hiatus.” The sun is shinning the weather is sweet, (and I’m hoping this weekend) I’ll get to move my dancing feet!  Thanks, Bob Marley!  Suffice it to say, I’m very happy to be here! I’ve […]

Saveur Blog Awards NOminations_Gold&Thyme

SAVEUR Blog Award Nominations!

SAVEUR Blog Award Nominations! It’s been been less than a year since I launched Gold&Thyme, a plant-based food and lifestyle blog celebrating the truth and beauty of whole foods.  The international response in the U.S. and France has been overwhelming and it’s thanks to you!! THANK YOU & MERCI!!! The 2016 SAVEUR BLOG AWARD NOMINATIONS […]