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Thyme for Gold Favorites N.2


Thyme for Gold | Favorites N.2

In honor of February and snow-covered Parisian rooftops, here is a curated list of a few of my favorite things of the moment… things that inspire me, make my day better and touch my senses.  Cook, watch, try, use, smell, listen, do, visit…and let me know what tickles your fancy 😉

Looking forward to going here someday soon

Loving these Handmade Utensils…

Can’t wait to dive into this Cookbook!

Favorite vinegar (also Alice Water’s)

Obsessed with these ceramics and everything Miro makes!

Netherlands-style plating at it’s finest!

My latest skincare love!

Inspired to take dishes to the next level with fermented juices

All that is she

Have steamed this 3 times and it’s true – it only gets better!

Using this everywhere at the moment

Ten Podcasts to add to your iPod


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