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Fresh Blackberry Tart + Walnut Spelt Crust_3_Gold&Thyme

Fresh Blackberry Tart + Walnut Crust

FRESH BLACKBERRY TART + WALNUT CRUST I’ve been in California for a month and my time here has been epic up until now. The weather has been lovely, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Watercolor and Herb Craft and Medicine Making Classes, and just got back from a Solo Creative Retreat in Sebastopol where I stayed […]

Strawberry Sorbet {Vegan}

STRAWBERRY SORBET While driving back to Berkeley from Yosemite last weekend, we took the 120W and drove through farm country.  And of course, what does farm country have? Fresh fruit and vegetable stands, which is probably my favorite thing, especially in the summer.  Amazingly sweet melons, juicy peaches, vine-ripe tomatoes and of course, perfect strawberries […]

Raspberry Almond Squares {Vegan + GF}

RASPBERRY ALMOND SQUARES | V, GF, RFS During the summer months, there is nothing better than making homemade jam.  And since the fruit is naturally sweet, making desserts becomes super easy. As part of the Raspberry Series this month, today’s recipe is Raspberry Almond Squares featuring homemade Raspberry-Peach Chia Seed Jam, which I made last […]