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Introducing Gold&Thyme’s LE BALM Part 1 {Infused Oil}

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Introducing Gold&Thyme’s LE BALM | Pt. 1 {Infused Oil}

I was fortunate enough to spend two months in California this summer and one of things I’m most excited about sharing is my first skincare product – Gold&Thyme’s Le Balm! And it was such an amazing experience, that I’ve decided to divide this experience into 3 parts:

  • the making of the Infused Oil
  • meeting Rob Keller of the Napa Valley Bee Company to source my sustainable beeswax
  • the making of Le Balm

While in California, I was enrolled in Herb Craft & Medicine Making at the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, which was an amazing experience! We learned the art of making teas, infused vinegar, cordials & elixirs, tinctures, infused oils and healing balms. I loved it so much that I decided to make a healing balm of my own in the hopes of sharing it with you!

I purchased my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, which is a great source to know about for buying bulk organic herbs.  Some other options are Five Flavor Herbs, Pacific Botanicals and the Sonoma County Herb Exchange. I bought lavender flowers, calendula flowers, plantain leaf, comfrey leaf and rose hips. I wanted to make a healing Balm that would help to relieve stress, aid in sore joints and muscles, was easy to absorb, was relaxing and gentle, cooling and drying and above all, make you feel good inside and out!  I use it multiple times throughout the day on my lips, hands, temples, neck, wrists…it can go anywhere you want!

Turns out I was able to find a few free days in late July and decided to go on a Solo Creative Retreat in Sebastopol where I stayed at Kamala & Pat’s lovely Airbnb cottage, which I highly recommend. Goal #1, of many, while I was there: Make the infused oil, which would need to sit for at least 3-6 weeks, and I wanted to finish it before returning to Paris! I bought organic Grapeseed Oil from Napa Valley Naturals, found a little spot in the back yard of the cottage and got to work.  I even had a little visitor…I don’t know his name, but he was very keen to be involved.  He kept passing by and wanting to be part of the action. One thing that it is very important to mention is that when making your own product, it’s important to work with intention – what kind of product do you want this to be? How do I want to to make people feel? What do you want people to think of?

In Part 2, I will be sharing my visit with Rob Keller (founder of the Napa Valley Bee Company) at his Apiary in Napa and the search for sustainable Beeswax.

Le Balm_1_Gold&ThymeLe Balm_2_Gold&ThymeLe Balm_5_Gold&Thyme Le Balm_5_Gold&ThymeLe Balm_3_Gold&Thyme Le Balm_7_Gold&Thyme


4 ounces Lavender Flower
4 ounces Calendula Flower
4 ounces Plantain Leaf
4 ounces Comfrey Leaf
2 ounces Rose Hips
3000 mL of organic Grapeseed Oil (or cold-pressed Olive Oil)


Add the herbs to a large (thoroughly cleaned) glass container with a sealed lid.
Add the herbs and the oil, leaving about 3 inches at the top to allow the mixture to move around.
This infused oil should be stored in a dark room for between 3-6 weeks, depending on desired potency, but should be slowly tipped every day.
It’s just a question of patience and perhaps the tincture of (thyme) 😉

Le Balm_8_Gold&Thyme Le Balm_9_Gold&Thyme

If you’re interested in purchasing Gold&Thyme’s LE BALM, please click here.