Year: 2015

Homemade Corn Tortillas

HOMEMADE CORN TORTILLAS Having grown up in the Bay Area in California, corn tortillas were like bread to me.  I remember eating quesadillas and tacos multiple times throughout the week.  But when I moved to Paris, tortillas were hard to find.  I remember going to the spice market at Beaumarchais in 2009 where a bag […]

Strawberry Sorbet {Vegan}

STRAWBERRY SORBET While driving back to Berkeley from Yosemite last weekend, we took the 120W and drove through farm country.  And of course, what does farm country have? Fresh fruit and vegetable stands, which is probably my favorite thing, especially in the summer.  Amazingly sweet melons, juicy peaches, vine-ripe tomatoes and of course, perfect strawberries […]